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What this eBook will teach you.

Increase your Awareness of How Your Perspectives Affect Your Ability to Shift and Transform You, and Your Life.  You will learn Key Tools to move you towards the Clarity that will help you to Activate and Actualize Your Infinite Potential, i.e. Get you moving and using your gifts to get Results you Desire!

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  • Do you feel like you keep going around in circles ?

  • Are you realizing that sometimes you are your own worst enemy?

  • Are you willing to invest a little time to explore and get control of your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs?

  • Do you want to know the next steps you can take so you can start Activating Your Infinite Potential and start bringing your dreams into reality?

  • Do you want to change your world as you start attracting to yourself,  
    that which you most dearly desire? 

The more self-aware we become, the more we discover that we are the culprits for blocking our own growth, our own path to achieving the success and the goals we most desire.  There are things that we can do that can help us to get the results we want with more ease and joy.  There is no time like the Present, so start with the simple tools and steps in the 4 Keys to Activating Your Infinite Potential eBook and begin your journey today!

4 Keys To Activating Your      Infinite Potential

                             By Michele Ho Lung

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Success Stories After Releasing Negative Self Talk and Limiting Beliefs:

  • Since my first session with Michele, I have had much abundance come into my life. I landed a wonderful new job and got a promotion I was not even looking for with a raise. Recently, I had a health challenge crop up and after connecting with Michele, I felt a shift and am no longer requiring surgery. I am happier and more positive than I ever have been and looking forward to more adventures. 
    I would absolutely recommend Michele as she has a gift which is very powerful and wishes only to help people.  I am thankful.     

    Karen Smith, Calgary, Alberta,Canada

  • ...You helped me take a deep dive as to what are my deepest fears and what can I do to overcome them (contrast and clarity). Also with my career focus, you helped me sort out what I needed to do to get to where I want to be. And I think what is amazing about you is that all was through self-discovery! You never told me what I should do or how I should live my life, but asked me the right questions that made me realize my own goals, while measuring my level of energy in the process. And I guess that is what a great life coach is all about… coaching to make me a better me. 

    S.T. Bank Manager,., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Michele is a unique healer.  She uses a combination of alternative healing philosophies and practical approaches to help ignite the power within you to heal and create the life you want.  After each session with her, I always feel mentally and physically lighter, focused, grounded and ready to take my next step with confidence and ease.  

    W.L.Ho Coach, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • With the many techniques you taught me, my back ache has lessened and my decision making skills have greatly improved.  I have learned to concentrate on the outcomes I desire and am seeing rewarding results.  
    Keep up the great work!  I am ever so grateful you took the time with me!  

    Karen Yee,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About the Author

Intuitive Transformational Catalyst, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Energy Artist

Hi There! 

My name is Michele Ho Lung and I am totally committed to my Vision of helping purpose driven individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve more clarity and eliminate distractions that get in the way of their achieving More.              

Together, We Can Make Our World A Better Place.

I love coaching my clients through change, transition and their life challenges as supporting them in, and seeing them get the results they desire brings such a joy.  With a gift of healing, I came to realize that I have, I also do distance energy healing work for clients, many of whom have had both physical and emotional results as we connect via phone.   I work in sacred space that allows only intention for my clients' highest good.  I love connecting and being a catalyst for my clients so they get clarity and can achieve their goals and their dreams with more ease.

We are an age of change, where there is a greater understanding of the benefits of having a coach, and of mindfulness and connecting to light and love intentions. 

I am fortunate to be both a coach, and a light worker with a gift of healing.  Just an aside, I never in my younger years, would have imagined I would consider myself a light worker but I have been told.  With the benefit of raising a family, life in the corporate world in interesting and challenging roles, and now, more recently, in the exploration of the creative world of art in my abstract energy paintings imagine sprinkling into this mix, simple and life changing tools and processes including those of The Law of Attraction.

How would you like to explore different perspectives and opportunities from a place and space of fun and openness to possibilities in this Abundant Universe in which we live?

Imagine, for a second, the beautiful trip we could have, if you decide to connect and explore what is possible.

"Sparkle" Sessions with me are typically via phone (e.g. What'sAp, Zoom).  My clients often comment after their sessions working with me, that their minds feel sharper and clearer, and that they feel lighter, quieter, more at ease, and sometimes even feel like they have had a deep massage on different levels!

I bring different perspectives to the table as I am not only a system and process thinker (analyticial side), but also am an out-of-the-box ideas person (creative side).   I totally enjoy getting to the heart of the matter, in all matters! 

Lastly, I believe in injecting humour whereever possible and having fun or at least keep positive, no matter what it is that I am doing or going through.  Many years ago, I was addressing assemblers in a plant for the first time and someone commented that he didn't come to work to have fun.  My response was, then and still is, that 8 hrs or more, is a long time to decide not to be having fun, day in and day out.  We can choose to make any work fun, IF We Wish To. It is all a matter of perspective and self-talk isn't it?   Many of my calls are full of chuckles and laughter.  Amazing what shift happens in playful banter.

How would it be, if you were to able to have fun and a few good laughs even when the challenge is great?

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Light and Sparkles,


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